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Holistic Intelligence

By Dr Bruce Copley


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Laurence Adler
Laurence Adler

One of the most profound and beautiful demonstrations of a holistic system can be seen in what I have called the holoprint. This design, discovered by an anthroposophist, Laurence Adler while polishing stones demonstrates a universal and timeless holistic morphological principle. This magical fractal design which many describe as a "work of art" emerges when any viscous substance (toothpaste, grease, honey, etc.) is compacted between 2 sheets which are then separated.

The holoprint can be observed in countless living organisms, inanimate material structures and other natural phenomena. A few examples are veins, nerves, dendrites, muscles, leaves, roots, trees, coral, flowers, sponges, fire, lightning, crystals, rivers, electricity, waterfalls, etc.

Some interesting and thought provoking facts about the holoprint are:

  • Irrespective of the original shape of the viscous substance a CIRCLE will always emerge when the 2 sheets are pressed firmly together.

  • Pressing the sheets together creates a VACUUM and the design emerges out of this vacuum. Using transparent sheets allows one to observe the design as it unfolds.

  • Every part of the holoprint is CONNECTED to every other part of the design.

  • While the design has a clear circular BOUNDARY or edge, every part of the boundary is OPEN to the outside.