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Holistic Intelligence

By Dr Bruce Copley


It is clear when one witnesses the holoprint that there is an innate intelligence which gives rise to this extraordinary design. All that is required for it to appear are certain conditions. In much the same way an egg has within it an innate intelligence which will result in its becoming an organism. Nature provides us with ongoing and countless examples and demonstrations of self-organising systems which are innately intelligent. Few would dispute the fact that human beings are part of nature - if this is true would this not mean that we too are endowed with an innate, all embracing intelligence? Let us now explore this and other associated questions.


It is interesting that of all the different types of human intelligences that have been identified only Zohar and Marshall's SQ incorporates elements of holism. What is surprising is that little or no attempt has been made to identify a generic or underlying intelligence or knowing. In my opinion the innate intelligence inherent in all self-regulating systems and organisms is this generic or holistic intelligence. For example there is no need to put an oak tree into an acorn. The acorn's inherent or holistic intelligence knows exactly what to do. While humans commonly regard their intelligence as superior, I am reminded that the acorn's intelligence will operate for hundreds of years as an oak tree and unquestionably make a valuable contribution to life on earth.

Human beings of course also have innate holistic intelligence - ironically we are probably the only self-regulating entities on the planet that suppress and interfere with its natural expression and development. Holistic intelligence in humans involves the integrative and synergistic functioning of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social faculties. All the attributes described in IQ, EQ and SQ, kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence and many more including extrasensory capacities are inherent in holistic intelligence. Activities ranging from great artistic works to living in harmony with nature are I believe, manifestations of human holistic intelligence. While the context and expression may vary greatly what seems common to all such manifestations is a whole person involvement in which the mind, body, feelings, the spirit, the idea, the experience and the meaning become one.