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Holistic Intelligence

By Dr Bruce Copley


Very simply the answer to this question is anything that supports or encourages holistic living, learning or education. Human beings have a natural desire to put together the pieces of a puzzle and see the image of the whole emerge. This urge characterises all problem solving scenarios from crossword puzzles to scientific mysteries and constitutes what I believe is an integral part of wholeness.

In a wonderful book by Len Holdstock entitled "Education for a new nation" (1987) it is said that any attempt at defining holistic education curtails the very nature of the concept. He does however say that holistic education is multi-modal and tries to encompass everything about the person in relation to all other living organisms. It calls attention to neglected aspects of the human condition, concerns itself with asking questions seldom asked in the academic world and also explores hitherto undiscovered and unknown human capacities.